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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Step by Step: How to Make Your Own Tempe.

May be useful, especially for my brother, Indonesian people who migrate out of the country. It is recommended to entrusted to friends / neighbors  or anyone who is going to Indonesia, to buy ragi tempe (tempe yeast) - because it's special yeast-, can not use the other yeast which is usually used to make a cake / bread.

For you who lived in Germany, for your info that tempe yeast can be obtained by contacting:

    Dian Suprapto
    Email Address = 

For you who lived in USA, any info, can be obtained by contacting:

    GEM Cultures
    30301 Sherwood Road
    Fort Bragg, CA 95437
    Telp : (707) 964-2922

They have all kind of the yeast (except yeast for oncom). if it's too complicated to make your own Tempe, there is a woman from Indonesia who produce Tempe, woman named Christine in San Gabriel (Los Angeles area) - more info may be you can asked to GEM Cultures.
 How to make :
 Prepare 1 kg of soy beans.

 And 2 grams of yeast tempe.

Wash clean the soybeans and soak for 24 hours.

After soaking for 24 hours, such as soybean blooms that look like the picture above it.

 Start-wringing the soybean until the husk off.

After clean, pour the soy beans into the pot and give it water sufficiently. Boiled soy beans for about 30 minutes. During soybeans boiled white foam will appear like the picture above this.

After boiling for 30 minutes, remove the remaining water in the pot. Then, put it back pan contains soybeans above the stove. Stir, do not too scorch. This process is performed to drain the soybeans. Do not be too long - because soybeans is scorched easily.

 Pour the soy beans into soy bean container that makes it easy to cool.

Once cool, sprinkle the tempe yeast as much as 2 grams and stir well.

Prepare plastic for soybean container with size to taste. Enter soybeans into plastic to a thickness of about 2-3 cm.

 Closed the plastic wraper: can use the way as shown above with wax.

Then holes in the plastic that already contain soy beans with a knife - approximately 8 holes to each side of the upper and lower side.

Save the tempe in the cabinet (picture above to use the kitchen cabinets). Padestal that is used to store, is a refrigerator rack that fouled the bottom, so there is any some air circulation. Let stand for approximately 36 hours.

Caution: for who migrated in the country that have cold temperatures, sometimes, tempe 
was wrapped in a towel first, to make more warm before enter into the cabinet.

 After 36 hours, tempe is ready to be processed..


  1. Hi. I am residing in the UK and would like to order tempe yeast. Is that possible? Thank you

  2. emailnya tidak bekerja baik, balik terus ;( aku di Nürnberg...

  3. I'm from indonesia, and i like tempe..
    I hope tempe can go international..

  4. My mother also make fried tempe every morning.
    And I like it