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Saturday, May 19, 2012


Oncom is an Indonesian original product made ​​from fermentation process. Based on the type of main ingridients used, oncom divided into two kind, that is red oncom and black oncom. When the red oncom usually made from tofu pulp, black oncom made ​​from peanut oilcake (bungkil) that have a softer texture.

This time I will share how to make oncom


1 kg Peanuts
100 grams oncom Yeast

How to make oncom:
  • Clean the peanuts, then rough-grind the peanuts until formed peanuts oilcake. 
  • Squeeze peanuts oilcake to remove the oil content in peanuts oilcake. 
  • Formed this peanuts oil cake to a round plate 
  • Soak the peanuts oilcake into cooked water for about 7 hours until it turns into oncom powder 
  • Store oncom powder in a bamboo basket to seep down the water and let stand overnight 
  • Steamed oncom powder until tender, and then formed to rectangular. 
  • Leave the formed oncom powder for about 12 hours 
  • Sprinkle the “formed oncom powder” with oncom yeast and then pad also covered it with sack tightly. 
  • Wait until oncom is mildewed. 
  • After it's truly wildewed, cut into pieces according to taste and place oncom on woven bamboo until slightly dry 
  • Oncom ready to be consumed
okey, goodluck and enjoy making

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