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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Apple Lunkhead or "Dodol Apel" recipe

Apple Lunkhead or in indonesian called “dodol apel”, is one of the products processed from apples. The ingredient used to make apple lunkhead is the fruit flesh. The main ingredient used in making apple lunkhead is an apple with a full maturity level. Fruit that are used should have a sweet taste to reduce the amount of added sugar.

Additional ingredients required in making apple lunkhead generally sugar, coconut milk and sticky rice flour. If you wants to make a apple lunkhead more chewy and durable, you can add gelatin and Premium HQ / preservative. To add the gelatin, can be dissolved before in warm water until phase the chewy solvent like a glue. For 1 kg of batter lunkhead can be added 5-10 grams gelatin and 1 gram Premium HQ.

In addition, you are also can make a apple lunkhead without sticky rice flour or coconut milk. Only using gelatin to make lunkhead chewy. Generally, the taste of lunkhead apple using gelatin like a jelly candy, chewy and sweet-sour. It’s different if you are using coconut milk and sticky rice flour, the taste is tend to be sweet and savory. Here, I will give you an alternative recipe without sticky rice flour and coconut milk:

Ingredients needed:

-Ripe apples 1 kg
-Sugar 750 gr
-1 g of malic acid
-Gelatin 20 grams
-Sodium Benzoate 1 gram
-Food coloring sufficiently

How to make:

  1. Peel the apples, separate the flesh from the seed 
  2. Soak the peeled apples in a solvent of anti-oxidants / sodium pyrosulfit (1 liter of water + 0.5 gram  of anti-oxidants).
  3. Drain, then mash the fruit flesh using Blender until resulting apple pulp.
  4. Combine apple pulp with sugar. Then, mix with Malic acid, Sodium benzoate, and gelatin that has been thawed with warm water first. Stir this batter until evenly distributed.
  5. Cook the batter over low heat about 1 hour. During cooking,the batter should be stirred gently and continuously. Cooking was stopped after the batter smooth, marked with the batter not sticking to the stirrer.
  6. Lift the batter is allready smooth and put into baking dish or mold that has been smeared with liquid carnaubawax or vegetable oil. Left it until the batter harden. 
  7. Cut the batter that has been hardened in a pieces, accordance with the desired size. Make it a same size and same large. Dodol apples or apple lunkhead are ready in containers with a thin polyethylene plastic, packed in a box to enhance them appearance.

Ingredients Specification:

• Gelatin: It is a food additive in the form of coarse powder with brownish yellow color. Usually used for thickening, basic Ingredients pudding, jelly candy, etc.. There are two kinds of gelatin powder on the market, there are roughly as sugar and some are more subtle, to make dodol apples, you should wear soft gelatin powder that is easy to dissolve.

• malic acid: malic acid in the form of white crystalline powder that is somewhat coarse. An additional Ingredient for the sour taste that comes from apples. Generally, we added citric acid (sour taste from oranges). Malic acid has a sour taste different with citric acid. Sour taste of malic acid does not sting like citric acid, but more delicate and fresh.

• Preservatives: Substances that can we add preservatives to the lunkhead apples, namely:
  1. Sodium Benzoate is a preservative that works at the optimum pH below 4.5. So for products that taste sour, such as syrup, sweets, drinks etc. 
  2. Premium HQ / Potassium sorbate is a preservative that works optimum at pH 4.5 - neutral. So for products that not sour / sour can use this type of preservative.
Maximum allowable dose for both types of preservatives are 1 g / kg batter.

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